Afghan Cultural Heritage Consulting Organization (ACHCO)

ACHCO seeks to realise this objective through the following strategies and activities: Contributing to the work of the Ministry of Information & Culture and its other partners in documenting and conserving key historic monuments in Afghanistan. Ensuring that Afghan professional and craftsmen have opportunities for training that might enable them to effectively participate in the conservation of historic monuments and other activities.Collection and dissemination of information related to the built heritage of Afghanistan.

Governing statutes

1 : The Organization

The organisation’s name is Afghanistan Cultural Heritage Consulting Organization (ACHCO).

ACHCO’s objective is to contribute to the preservation of Afghanistan’s rich cultural heritage, with particular emphasis on historic monuments.

ACHCO is an apolitical, non-profit, cultural organisation.

ACHCO was founded in 2011 by professionals with experience in the conservation of historic monuments in Afghanistan.

The highest governing body of the organisation is the ACHCO Board.

2 : Duties and liabilities of ACHCO Board members

Board members shall ensure that ACHCO’s activities conform to the laws of Afghanistan, and in particular NGO legislation.

Board members undertake to carry out their responsibilities with due care and discretion.

Board members are not liable in their individual capacity for the debts, liabilities and other obligations of ACHCO.

Board members shall not vote or participate in decision-making for the organization on issues in which their personal or business interests, or those of their relatives, either by blood or marriage, may conflict with the financial interests of ACHCO.

The highest governing body of the organisation is the ACHCO Board.

3 : Board of Directors

The Board shall meet at least twice annually

Initial membership of the ACHCO Board is based on proven commitment and experience in cultural issues. New candidates will be nominated by an existing Board member and endorsed by two other members before being put to the whole Board for endorsement by a two-thirds majority.

If members of the Board wish to resign, they agree to provide at least one month’s notice in writing to the Chair.

A Board members can be removed if two-thirds of members agree to such a move at a Board meeting.

Invitations to Board meetings will be circulated electronically and/or by hand to members at least a week in advance, unless there is an emergency, when notification should be provided 24 hours in advance. Those who are unable to attend will be informed of the outcome within 2 days of an emergency meeting.

Minutes will be made of all Board meetings and circulated to all members for their approval within a week of the meeting

If a member misses more than three consecutive meetings, the Board reserves the right, if two-thirds of members concur, to ask him/her to resign membership forthwith.

The Board will elect a Chair and a Secretary from the members. The Chair will convene and facilitate Board meetings, at which the Secretary will take and circulate minutes, as well as any other relevant documentation.

In the event that a Board member is absent, he/she may vote by proxy through the Chair at any meeting, and this proxy will be counted when establishing whether members present constitute a quorum.

The minimum number of members of the Board is five and the maximum ten. The quorum for all meetings is five and, in the event that the Chair is absent from a meeting, he/she must nominate another member to take his/her place.

Voting will be by a show of hands or secret ballot according to the decision of the Board.

4 : Finance

The funding of the ACHCO’s activities will be sought through individual donations and grants from Afghan or international organizations with an interest in cultural development

The organisation is only liable to the extent of its own assets.

The accounting year is April to March.

Annual accounts covering all operational activities and field projects will be kept in ACHCO’s office, and shall be audited by an auditing firm selected by the Board.

5 : Reporting

The Director will submit to the Board the following documents annually, within a time-frame to be established: annual progress report, annual accounts, annual audit, annual activity plans, funding strategy and targets.

6 : Amendments

The Founding Charter and Governing Statutes of ACHCO can be amended only by the unanimous agreement of all members present at a meeting of the Board.

7 : Dissolution

Dissolution of ACHCO requires unanimous agreement of all members either present or voting by proxy at a Board meeting. At the dissolution of the organisation, its assets will be used to support organisations, activities or the like promoting similar objectives, as agreed by the Board.

8 : The coming into force of the statutes

Adopted by the founder-members of ACHCO on 31st November 2011 Mr. Jolyon Leslie, Arch. Fahim Hakim, Eng.Habib Noori

Board Members

The highest governing body of the organisation is the ACHCO Board

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Eng.Habib "Noori"

General Director

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Dr.Wasay "Najimi"


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Arch.Fahim Hakim


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Shahir Zahine


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Jolyon Leslie